Ron Davis - President

Ron manages many of Sunapsys' largest and most challenging projects. He has many years of experience developing system architectures for a variety of industries and processes. During this time, Ron has become extremely proficient at taking the most complex systems and distilling them into simple components. Systems he has developed have been praised for their ease of maintenance, troubleshooting, and expansion. In short, they just work. When not managing complex controls projects, you might find Ron talking railroad history as he is very active in the Norfolk & Western Historical Society.



Tim Rumfelt - Vice President, Operations

Prior to joining Sunapsys, Tim helped GE's control panel suppliers become more efficient and cost effective. He brought his expertise from GE and has been instrumental in elevating our panel shop to world class status. Techniques and procedures implemented by Tim have enabled us to expand our control panel business outside of North America to Asia and South America. Outside the office, Tim is co-owner of a martial arts studio where, as a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, he trains and teaches.



Michael Edmonds

Michael’s 25+ years of experience includes custom machine design, with the related control systems for the textile, food and beverage, and water and wastewater industries. He also has extensive experience in the application of automation software for machine control, and data collection. Michael has been a Project Engineer with Sunapsys for over 15 years. When not programming, troubleshooting, or designing a new control system for Sunapsys’ clients, Michael enjoys attending Virginia Tech football games and spending time with his wife and two children.



Rob Edmonds

A 2014 graduate of James Madison University, Rob possesses a copious background of hands-on experience with his engineering degree, enabling him to view projects and ideas sensibly and creatively. He draws on his experiences from internships in electrical, manufacturing, and process engineering. His wrestling background as an athlete and coach provides a drive and focus rarely paralleled in the workplace. As a project engineer at Sunapsys, Rob contributes to both industrial and municipal control projects. In his spare time Rob enjoys working out and fishing.

Brad Fischer

Prior to joining Sunapsys, Brad worked as a Manufacturing Engineer and as a Development Engineer at General Motors across Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky. Brad joined Sunapsys in 2013 after graduating from James Madison University where he studied data science and computer science. As a Project Engineer, Brad draws heavily on his background in automotive manufacturing and development as well as the critical thinking, problem solving, and coding skills that were the core foundation of his JMU degree. Away from the office, Brad is the lead visualization developer for SmartClickr and can usually be found racing his cars or tinkering with computers.

Brian Foster

Brian has been an employee at Sunapsys almost as long as Sunapsys has been in business. He joined the organization in 1998 as a Technician in our panel shop. Through hard work and determination, Brian has been promoted to Shop Supervisor in 2006 and Engineer Assistant in 2011. As an AutoCad expert he maintains our drawing standards and puts together the bulk of our panel design drawings. Brian is equally adept in the field as he is in the office. He has worked with a variety of PLCs and HMIs and knows how to troubleshoot systems from the primary elements all the way to the control system. Brian is an avid dirt bike enthusiast and can be found on the race course most weekends.